Messinger Bearings has been offering robust slewing bearing solutions within the crane industry since it received a patent for the innovative cross roller bearing in the late 1930s. This bearing style is widely used for crane rotation in boom, crawler, telescopic, and rough terrain cranes for heavy lifting applications due to its versatility, load carrying capability, maximum life under loading, and ease of refurbishment. Messinger Bearings also provides and services slewing ball bearings.

Our experience and our industry-leading capacity allow us to quickly analyze and repair your old bearing in less time and at a lower cost than purchasing a new bearing. The restored bearing is backed by the same industry-standard warranty that covers a brand new part. Messinger Bearings has the right slewing bearing fix and the experience for any crane application.

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Linkbelt Bearing Part #'s
Crane Model Linkbelt Part #
Crane Model Linkbelt Part #
36 36Z0001 HC418 9B346
37 37Z0001 HC48A 106UB12/12B192
38 38Z0001 LS3000 25B70
47 47Z003 LS308 21B3
408 9B304 LS318 21B3
101HT 17B190 LS428 9B334
HC108B 106LB107 LS5000A 20B335
HC118 19B102 LS518 9B346
HC138 19B11 LS6400 50B0094
HC218 18B453/18B97 LS7000 31B1
HC238 22B3 LS718 32B31
HC258 28B2 LS7400 31B2
HC28 12B192 YC18 16G10D

Grove Bearing Part #'s
Crane Model Grove Part #
Crane Model Grove Part #
RT58/TMD1012 C7-069-000121 RT755 C7-069-000311
RT59/RT60/RT599/RT605 C7-069-000125 TM755E C7-069-000323
TD155/TD180/TM155/TM180 C7-069-000125 MEI40 C7-069-000352
RT59P/AT180/TMS155/TMS180 C7-069-000125 M376 C7-069-000458
TMS375LP C7-069-000169 MZ46B/MZ56 C7-069-000459
TM1275 C7-069-000225 RT740/2535IND 7-069-000376
TMS200LP C7-069-000247 TMS300/TMS475 7-069-000376
IND36/IND68/TM100C C7-069-000249 RT62/RT64/TM250 A7-069-000120
RT48/RT49 C7-069-000249 AT735 7-069-000366
24IND C7-069-000256 M977/M985 7-069-000392
TM1150 C7-069-000272 RT980 7-069-000406
RT58B C7-069-000284 AMZ46E 7-069-001141
TMS865 C7-069-000294 RT400 7-069-000409/

Pettibone Mulliken Bearing Part #'s
Crane Model Pettibone P/N
Crane Model Pettibone P/N
15 A-25600-2 30 A-25214-1
25 A-25214-1 35 C-30305-A