Engineered Lifecycle Solutions

Messinger engineers customized bearing solutions for each customer's specific needs to reduce downtime costs from the very beginning of the bearing's life cycle. This upfront engineering analysis culminates in greater bearing capacity and longer life, which means fewer change-outs for our customers.

Manufacturing and remanufacturing large steel-making bearings

Messinger manufactures, repairs and supports bearings that are on older equipment designed by Mesta Machine, Alliance Machine, Cold Metal Processing, United Engineering & Foundry, Philadelphia Gear, and other OEMs. Applications include:

  • Plate mills
  • Blooming mills
  • Cold strip mills
  • Hot strip mills
  • Slabbing mills
  • Pickling mills
  • BOF drives
  • Plate levelers
  • Roll grinders
  • Flying shears
  • Rotary crop shears
  • Four high roll
  • Large overhead cranes

Comprehensive Installation Assistance And Field Service

Messinger Bearings provides expert field service support over the lifetime of the bearing to protect your valuable investment and keep downtime to a minimum.

From the moment the bearing is installed, Messinger works with its customers to provide on-site bearing analysis, allowing our team to assess and track bearing performance while it is in operation. This service furnishes critical information and provides trended data back to the customer that can be used to more accurately predict the ideal time for a bearing change-out.

Predictive Maintenance

Messinger's predictive maintenance aids the customer in avoiding unexpected down time and assists in scheduling for a planned change out of the slewing bearing.

On Site Inspections

When a bearing is removed from service, Messinger's field service team can inspect it in the field and have it sent to Messinger's facility to receive a closer look prior to repair.

Storage & Replacement

Proper storage of slewing ring bearings is a necessity for critical spares in heavy industry. There are several different methods including recertification, interval lubrication and rotation, and storage tanks. Messinger offers both long and short term storage solutions to fit your budget and ensure that your replacement bearing is in peak condition at the time of installation.

Messinger's field service team is ready to assist you with storage solutions, installation assistance, predictive maintenance, and field inspections throughout the lifetime of your slewing bearing.

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