Messinger Bearings can be found on many rock crushing machine brands, including Telsmith, Cedarapids, El Jay, JCI, Pegson, Pioneer (KPI), Universal, and many others. Messinger is one of a few OEMs that has manufactured the large radial and thrust roller bearing parts used by the rock crusher industry.

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Telsmith Crusher Bearing Part #'s
Cone Crushers   Telsmith Part #
Gyrasphere Crushers   Telsmith Part #
24" Thrust 11D63 1100 Radial 16T81
36" Thrust 10S46   Thrust 10E18
36" Thrust 10S47 1300 Radial 16T82
44" Thrust 10S46   Thrust 13S84
48" Thrust 10E18 1500 Radial 16T83
57" Thrust 13S84   Thrust 11E81
66" Thrust 11E81      
Jaw Crushers   Telsmith Part #
Jaw Crushers   Telsmith Part #
10x21 Pitman 13Y76 20x36 Pitman 14S94
10x21 Expansion 13Y77 20x36 Frame 14S95
10x21 Thrust 13Y78      
      25x40 Pitman 10W15
10x30 Pitman 13Y81 25x40 Frame 14S93
10x30 Expansion 13Y75      
10x30 Thrust 13Y82 30x42 Pitman 10J15
      30x42 Frame 10J16
15x38 Pitman 13Y88      
15x38 Expansion 13Y87 42x48 Pitman 12A55
15x38 Thrust 13Y86 42x48 Frame 12A54
      50x60 Pitman 14V35
      50x60 Frame 14V36

El Jay / Cedarapids Crusher Bearing Part #'s
Cone Crushers   El Jay Part #
Cone Crushers   El Jay Part #
RC45 Upper Radial 02-450-021-0001 RC54 Upper Radial 02-540-021-0010
RC45 Lower Radial 02-450-021-0001 RC54 Lower Radial 02-540-077-0000
RC45 Upper Thrust 02-450-155-7000 RC54 Upper Thrust 02-540-155-7000
RC45 Lower Thrust 02-450-156-0000 RC54 Lower Thrust 02-540-156-0000
Cone Crushers   Cedarapids Part #
Cone Crushers   Cedarapids Part #
MVP280 Upper Radial 02-450-021-0001 MVP450 Upper Radial 02-540-021-0010
MVP280 Lower Radial 02-450-021-0001 MVP450 Lower Radial 02-540-077-0000
MVP280 Upper Thrust 02-450-155-7000      
MVP280 Lower Thrust 02-450-156-0000 MVP450 Lower Thrust 02-540-156-0000

JCI Crusher Bearing Part #'s
Cone Crushers   JCI P/N
Cone Crushers   JCI P/N
1200LS & K200 & K300 Upper Radial 456156 1400LS & K400 Upper Radial 546350
1200LS & K200 & K300 Lower Radial 456156 1400LS & K400 Lower Radial 546351
1200LS & K200 Upper Thrust 406017 1400LS & K400 Upper Thrust 546352
1200LS Lower Thrust 450023 1400LS & K400 Lower Thrust 546353

Pioneer Crushers (KPI) Crusher Bearing Part #'s
Cone Crushers   Pioneer Part #
Cone Crushers   Pioneer Part #
48" Upper Radial 09-95044 54" Upper Radial 09-95036
48" Lower Radial 09-95036 54" Upper Radial 09-95035
      54" Lower Radial 09-95037
48" Upper Thrust 09-95041 54" Upper Thrust 09-95034
48" Lower Thrust 09-95041 54" Lower Thrust 09-95034

Universal Crusher Bearing Part #'s
Jaw Crushers   Universal Part #
Jaw Crushers   Universal Part #
10x16 Pitman 3987 20x36 Pitman 4705
10x16 Fixed 7581 20x36 Fixed 6792
10x16 Float 7582 20x36 Float 6793
10x24 Pitman 4868 24x36 Pitman 5032
10x24 Fixed 6753 24x36 Fixed 8890
10x24 Float 6754 24x36 Float 8891
10x36 Pitman 4868 30x42 Pitman 14666
10x36 Fixed 6753 30x42 Float 14664
10x36 Float 6754 30x42 Thrust 15152
18x24 Pitman 4868      
18x24 Fixed 6753      
18x24 Float 6754