Messinger Bearings provides industry-leading field service support throughout the lifecycle of your slewing ring bearing. Starting at the time of delivery, Messinger Bearings provides field service expertise.

First, we offer various long and short term storage solutions to ensure that your bearing is in optimum condition at the time of installation.

When the bearing is ready to be put into service, Messinger can provide installation assistance in person while working with the customer to maintain optimal mounting conditions.

After installation, regularly scheduled on-site bearing analysis with Messinger allows our team to assess and track the bearing performance while it is installed. This service furnishes critical information and provides trended data back to the customer that can be used to more accurately predict the ideal time for a bearing change-out. Messinger's on-site predictive maintenance aids the customer in avoiding unexpected down time and assists in scheduling for a planned change out of the slewing or swing bearing whether it is used in cranes, tunnel boring machines, or steel manufacturing industries.

Finally, when a bearing is removed from service, Messinger's field service team can preliminary inspect the bearing in the field and then have it sent to Messinger's facility to receive closer inspection prior to remanufacture and repair.

Messinger Bearings field service team is ready to assist you with storage solutions, installation assistance, predictive maintenance, and field inspections throughout the lifetime of your slewing bearing.